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The Yalla Yalla Farm is situated between Carolina and Badplaas. The Boutique Hotel gets all their free range egg products, organic herbs and some of their organic vegetables from the farm. Click here – Facebook page for more interesting information about some of the farm projects

The Mvumbi project team members and some of the Yalla Yalla Employees stay on the farm and assist the Owners of Yalla Yalla Boutique Hotel and the Farm with some of the farm activities. The Mvumbi project team members use the Yalla Yalla Farm as their base from where they operate. Beth Phillips, one of the Mvumbi members teach Minah, one of the Yalla Yalla Employees how to look after the chickens and all give her advice and on-the-job training about organic farming. Claire Brown, assist the Ladies of the “Lydia Circle” in making products from the dumping site, where they work. (Click here to view more of the activities they are busy with (http://www.servingafrica.org/). Yalla Yalla Boutique Hotel support the ladies working in the dump area by buying some of their projects.

The Mvumbi project is a discipleship based skills training and micro-business project. Their mission is to equip youth and young adults with emotional, spiritual and physical skills to enable them to create a better future for themselves.


To end off the month of August the Yalla Yalla team would like to share an inspiring story of women, who like Rapunzel, can turn straw into gold.

This is the true story of a few ladies who try to survive by creating something out of nothing. They are working at the eManzana garbage dump.

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These women work 12 hours a day 7 days a week and only earn income based on what they collect and only get paid when the truck comes to purchase the recycled materials they have collected. It is backbreaking work for very little income.

Lydia's Market is the handcraft micro business of the South African Lydia's Circle ministry. Lydia's market was launched in February of 2016 as a way to improve the economic outlook of women who work in this garbage dump. The long-term goal for this project is a form of micro business and self-sustainability for these women.

The ladies have been very creative with most to all of the raw material for their products being sourced from recycled materials or from locally grown plant material. They have made mats, jump ropes, place-mats, baskets, and brooms with handles. Lydia's Market purchases the products from the ladies each week at a price just below market value in order to help cover the cost.

Lydia's market then finds local buyers in the community for the products and have found a strong demand for quality local products.

Yalla Yalla Boutique Hotel has been a support of Lydia's Market and these women through the purchase of their products. The bath mats in some of the rooms are made by these ladies. If you would like to support these ladies in any way you can email Claire Brown at claire@servingafrica.org.

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